March 06, 2017

 Samsung is among the elite manufacturers of cell phones at the moment. They are known for the exquisite design and mind-boggling precision they are built with. The Corning Gorilla Glass used in the topmost Note and S series, the scratch resistant HD AMOLED displays, the metallic frame; everything is worth the money you spend on a Samsung phone.

 How would you feel if that amount invested in a Samsung goes down the drain? How would you feel if the very aspect of the phone—the aesthetics—that you paid hundreds of dollars for, all go in vain? What if your Samsung phone gets scratched, or worse, cracked?

There is no spilt milk yet. There is, to be fortunate, a way that you can keep the phone in a brand new condition while enjoying every bit of its aesthetics along the way. It is by having it wear a custom-built case!

Custom cases are a thing of the contemporary world. They come with a wide range of benefits that augment the need of wearing a case. Following are a few of those to let you comprehend the importance of a custom cover for your Samsung phone.

Protects Your Phone

Among the most obvious, not to mention the traditional, uses of a custom case is to ensure the safety of your phone. How many times have you seen a cell phone, regardless of what hardware features it boasts, break as it falls down on a hard floor? This is a pretty common occurrence. And this fact becomes even more terrifying when you have paid a good amount for the device.

Custom cases designed by professionals like My Case Genie are the best way to protect your Samsung. These are not regular cases, but in fact, are designed specifically taking into account the exact dimensions of your Samsung. My Case Genie also takes into consideration the most vulnerable parts of your phone and ensures that they are well-padded for excessive security. In other words, if you drop your S7 Edge or Note 5, you will get a second chance!

The Boastful Aesthetics

When we talk about some essentials, aesthetics of a cell phone are always a core aspect. The recent S7 line is no less than a perfect example in this regard. The curved edges and the full-glass front and back simply take aesthetics to a whole new level.

While the front screen is often safe, the back glass most often than not becomes prone to various scratches while you put down your phone. This is because even the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 cannot stand the skid of a sand grain. Custom covers by My Case Genie take care of that issue well. We design customized covers for your Samsung phone. So the next time you put it down, scratches are the last thing you worry about.

Custom Designs

You don’t buy a Samsung Note or S7 Edge to hide it behind a cover. Even if you’re too humble to boast it off, Samsung phones themselves are a people’s magnet. Expert cover designers like those at My Case Genie know the importance of aesthetics. This is part of the reason why our designers bring to you some of the most exquisite and eye-catching cover designs for your Samsung phones.

You get to enjoy covers made out of the infamous 3D Thermal Color Fusion process which ensures top-notch designs accompanied by vibrant color schemes and photo quality resolutions. Want to hear the best part? You yourself get to choose the design you want for the cover of your Samsung phone. It simply cannot get better than that.


Buying a flagship phone means you will be one of the many who do. You don’t want to be ‘one of the many’. You want to stand out with your stylish new Samsung phone. While your phone wears a custom-designed cover, it is unique! In other words, you have a classy flagship Samsung device, tagged with a case that is one of a kind: it cannot get better than that!


Modern phones, especially those made by Samsung and iPhone are all very sleek. They are made up of thin metal and getting slimmer with each passing year. While this move surely makes the phones pleasing to the eye, it also makes them slipperier. You can imagine how problematic this can become whether you only use your phone occasionally or are one of those avid users. There is always a chance of the phone slipping, and the investment blowing away right in front of your eyes.

Well, not if you have a custom designed cover by My Case Genie. As keen users of cell phones ourselves, we understand the importance of friction while holding a phone. This is why we always use materials that you can grasp ever so easily in your hand. So the next time you pick your phone up, you don’t have to worry about it slipping and falling, and breaking!

Kinds of Cases

If you have finally decided to put clothes onto your Samsung, it is time to let you in on some of the most common styles that you can opt for in your custom cover. There are three different types of cases that you can choose from. The first one is a simple photo case where your custom cover back will contain a 3D photo.

You can also opt for a monogram-case so you can mark it with your personalized monogram. You can also get a designer case for your phone. It is bound to make your Samsung a head turner.

Getting Customized Cases

While you can buy cases for your Samsung cell phone at various places online and offline, My Case Genie, in particular, is among the best alternatives that you have. To start off, we offer cases that are custom designed as per your requirements. Furthermore, due to our 3D Thermal Color Fusion process, we guarantee a top-grade cover that offers you the best of safety and aesthetics. We are also offering free shipping on orders greater than $45.