March 06, 2017

iPhones are known as one of the best and most expensive phones that a person can own. With Apple having built a reputation that can be matched by none, a person who owns an iPhone makes a heavy investment.

As a person starts using their phone, they become dependent on it for a lot of things. People access their bank accounts, their personal information and save their photos on it which makes the phone a very important device with all your old memories and data.

Getting a new phone isn’t just expensive, but it also becomes a hassle when you lose the data stored on your old phone and have to start all over with the new one. This is the reason most people try to prolong the life of their phone as much as they can.

In this case, a custom case can really help you out, not just when it comes to protecting your phone, but also in reflecting your own personality by choosing a case that reflects the way you think, or what you like.

Here are the numerous advantages of having a custom cover for your iPhone:

Effective Protection

iPhones may be sturdy, but there are still some dangers that phones cannot be saved from unless there is some extra protection at hand. First of all, there are protruding corners from things such as waist high tables and marble tops. These pose a straight threat to your phone’s screen. You walk into one and you may hear the dreaded crunching sound of your phone’s screen cracking.

Another one and the most commonly occurring incident, is the slipping out of hands and falling scenario. Since most people are keeping their phones in their pockets, it’s quite easy for a phone to slip right out of the hands during the process of taking it out. In this case, a custom case can help your iPhone stay protected after experiencing a fall.

Add a little style

iPhones are well designed, but when you have a new iPhone and everyone else has the same model, it might become a bit difficult to differentiate between your iPhone and someone else’s. Imagine if you drop your phone in a crowded area. If your phone is unique, you can spot it much more easily than a normal phone.

You can have a custom case made to improve the look of your phone and add a little more color to it as well. Since the phone reflects a major part of your personality and is an item that remains with you all the time, your phone should be something that people look at and immediately understand that it belongs to you. Customized cases can have the logo of your favorite sports team, video game or TV show to show your support.

Match your lifestyle

There are cases out there for IPhones that are designed for people matching their lifestyle. This could mean armor like casing for someone who works around heavy equipment. In case you hit or drop your phone on a hard surface, it can serve as the hard hat your phone needs to sustain dangerous injuries.

Other customized phone cases can be for people who are very athletic. Cases that have higher friction so the phone does not slip out of your pocket in case you are running. There are specified cases which ease the use of headphones while exercising for people who love to listen to music as they work out.

Since the gym is full of weights and heavy equipment, having extra protection for your phone can really benefit a person.

Get your custom case designed to accommodate your lifestyle. Since your phone will be with you wherever you go, it is better to use it safely rather than having to buy a new one.

Different Materials to add to your Style

When choosing the material for your case, you can have materials that help keep the phone cool in places that experience very hot climate. In case you forget your phone in the car on a very hot day, the custom case can keep it cool for a bit longer so you can come and pick it as soon as you remember you’ve left it in the car.

Your Phone Stays in Good Condition

Some people like to go through phones quickly and since the iPhone has the new model coming out every year, you may be the person who wants to upgrade every year. In that case, you will want a custom case that keeps your phone in mint condition when you want to resell it.

When a phone has its paint coming off or scratches on it, it affects the resale value a lot. To keep the phone in good resale value, have a custom case made so you can sell it at the market price. No matter how well it may run, if the phone’s appearance is damaged, you will have to compromise on some dollars when selling the phone.

Extra Battery Life

If you are someone who is constantly on the phone and tend to run out of battery quite often, there are custom cases for phones that can be charged to provide your phone with extra battery life. That means you have two batteries at your disposal. Some people tend to have charging docks for this purpose, but it becomes an inconvenience for most when you have to carry that dock everywhere with you. Plus, the wire attached to the phone makes it harder to use.


If you have an iPhone, getting a custom case designed can help you out in numerous ways. The case is something that doesn’t just protect your phone, but also helps you distinguish your style from everyone else. Get a custom case for your phone today and keep the phone in mint condition while syncing it with your own individual style.