November 09, 2018

[Hack] How To Upload 3D Photos on Facebook & Enable 3D Option on a FB Post

If you haven't yet been able to get the 3D photo option in Facebook, follow this Trick to enable it on your Phone. Also please share this (page) if the tricks works, enjoy!

  • Update your Facebook App
  • You MUST Search for Facebook 360 Community (official page) and hit the LIKE button this will enable it. This is the HACK. 
  • Close Facebook App and swipe it up from recent app list and close as well.
  • Open Facebook Again and 3D Photo option will be made available.

Not all phone models are compatible, The 3D Feature is currently a software feature and is rolled out for iOS users with dual camera lenses surely it will eventually roll out for all dual lens cameras which support Portrait Mode. Currently the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max are compatible. 

How to post? Take a photo in "portrait" mode. This is the mode that blurs the background and puts focus on the object you're shooting. After that then you will open facebook and create new post (whats on your mind) then in the menu list where you see "check in", "photo/video", "ask for recommendations" is where you should see the "3D photo" that. (if you don't see the 3D option then you will have to start from beginning of the how to enable 3D) If you have taken photos with your phone in portrait mode facebook will automatically load those photos for you to choose from. Select a photo and facebook will generate the 3D image, hit next to post the image to your wall. Thats it! 


Author, James F

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